20 November 1864: “arrested the men that left the Battalion”

Item Description: Letter to George William Logan about arresting men who deserted and gathering new men for the company.


Item Citation: Folder 37, George William Logan Papers, #1560, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Transcription:

Farmerville La Nov 20 1864

To Col Logan,

I arrived at home on Monday after leaving Camp, as I was passing through Vernon I discovered that the Reserve Corps had arrested the men that left the Battalion on the night of the 8th inst. The Com Officer intended sending them to Shreveport, but at my request he agreed to keep them but send them to Camps by our Guard and if necessary would find a guard from the R.C. with them. After getting home I found Ford and Jones in the parish they had arrested one man the night before I got home. A Report them here for the purpose of assisting me in arresting these men in the Parish, I would not give one or two men from Camps for the whole Reserve Corps, I will send Ford and Jones to Camps on the 23rd inst. I think that I will catch several of my men by the time my detail expire. My prospects are also very flattering about ?, several of the Boys Express a desire to join my Company, only they wish to remain at home until sometime in January or February. I shall use all the means in my power to fasten them before I leave this parish. Col, H Patterson and Taylor are sent to Camps have them punished by Bat Court Martial if you please

I am Col Very Respectfully

Your Obedient Servant

A A [?]

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