22 November 1864: “The yankees passed last week, but did not trouble anything.”

Item Description: A letter from Mary Forbes to Julia Joyner. Mrs. Joyner directed affairs on the family plantation while her husband and son’s were in the war. Mary inquires after acquaintances and family members in this letter and mentions an encounter with Union Army.


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Item Citation: From Folder 18, in the Joyner Family Papers #4428, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Indian Ridge, N. C. 
November 22, 1864

Dear Mrs Joyner, 

Thinking you would like to her from me and as I have an opportunity I though I write you a short letters, I am very well, and enjoying myself as well, as I can expect. I hope this letter may find you and your family very well. 

I reached home safe, but felt very tired, as traveling always makes me so. I am now living in 18th Feubers yard, Mr. Forbes and myself, we have quite a small family. The yankees passed last week, but did not trouble anything. I am very busy getting my winter cloth, Mr Forbes gets plenty of work to do. I enjoy myself much better with a small family, than I did with a large one. I told Isaac to hung and kiss you all for me, but I don’t recon he did so. 

I often think of you, and wish I could see and be with you some, I heard Mely had come in, but I have seen her yet.  Mrs. Forbes joins me in love to your Mother and Miss Martha, give our love to Mrs Harris’s family and Mrs Left, Mr. Keils family, Mrs Yilda Edards, Dr. Baptist, + Major Spades family, tell all my  friends to write to me and will do the same when we have a chance. Tell Isaac to write to me if he is in Franklinton, I have not heard from him since he left home. Have you heard from your son? Mr Forbes joins me in love to yourself and family. Write to me very soon and along letter. 

If we never meet no more on earth may we meet in Heaven. Your sincere friend

Mary Forbes

Direct your letter to
Earnee Gurn, 
Currituck County 
N. Carolina 

Give your letter Mr.Garrot or Mr. Gordon and they will send them to me. 

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