21 June 1862: “You inform that my people generally meet the approval of those who have hired them.”

Item description: Letter, 21 June 1862, from William S. Pettigrew at Haywood to William C. Campbell, in which Pettigrew requested that his friend intervene on behalf of a couple of slaves who had been hired out following their removal from the plantation earlier in the year. “Jack” and his family needed alternate housing as Jack did not get along with the person who had hired him, and “Frank” required clothing, an allowance for which could be deducted from his rental contract of ten dollars per month.

Item citation: in folder 254, Pettigrew Family Papers, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Item transcription:

Haywood, June 21, 1862

My dear Sir,

I much regret to learn, through your favour that reached me yesterday, that the trouble between Mr. Caveness & Jack’s family yet continues; and the object of this is to say that, under the circumstances, it would probably be best for Jack & family to have another home. Will you, therefore do me the favour to secure suitable quarters for them elsewhere, which I trust it may be in your power to accomplish.

As to Frank, it is not probable I shall wish him. I know of nothing to remove him from where he now is during the remainder of the year. Yours informs me that Mr. Campbell agrees to pay for him $10 per month whilst he remains, & that he will receive his clothing from me. Please request him to procure clothing for him, & to deduct the cost of the same from the ten dolls per month, as he could obtain it with less difficulty than myself. I hope Frank conducts himself well & is satisfactory to Mr. Campbell. You inform that my people generally meet the approval of those who have hired them. I regret it is out of my power to visit them at this time, & must rely on your goodness to excuse the trouble which the procuring another home for Jack & his family may give you.

My sister joins me in kindest regards to yourself & family.

I am, my dear sir,

Very respectfully & truly, yours,

William S. Pettigrew

Wm. C. Campbell. Esq.

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June 21

W. S. Pettigrew


Wm. C. Campbell

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