21 June 1863: “I have hurd news that I am surprised at. I have hurd that you thought of geting mared to a man a bout 40 years old.”

Item Description: Letter, dated 21 June 1863, from Eldridge B. Platt to his sister Adelaide E. Platt.

Eldridge B. Platt (b. 1847) enlisted as a drummer in the 2nd Connecticut Light Battery on 12 August 1862. By 11 November 1862, he was serving as a cannoneer. He was discharged 10 August 1865. After the Civil War, Platt became successful in the tool and die making business.

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Item Citation: Letter dated 21 June 1863 from Folder 3 in the Eldridge B. Platt Papers, #3767,Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Wolfun Shoals

Sunday June 21st 1863

Dear Sister Adelah.
As it is Sunday and got the day to my self I will write a few lines to you I got your leter of the 14th last Wednesday 17th glad to hear from you and hear that our folks are well and I hope they will remain so but I hope Fathers sholdier is beter. Wee still enjoy good health. Wee have changed our Camp a bout a mile north of our old one in a very pleasant place but we hant got such good quaters we didant have bunks to sleep in last night nor such a good stockade but we will have in to or three dais if we are going to stay hear long but we may move in 2 or 3 days again we cant tell one day what is going to be done the next sence Hokers army has moved if you wanted to see an army move you had ought to ben hear. I have seen a bagage train nearly 50 miles long and a string of infantry a bout 10 miles long and 32 baterys and they all pased clost by our camp I tell you it was a sight to look at. I tell you they is a fight going on somwhare in the diretion of bullrun we hurd it some this morning but we thought it was only a skirmish but it grow heavyer and faster and I tell you the way they are going it now is not slow they is a stedy roar of canon all the while you will probly hear of it in the papers in a day or to I hope  that the rebs will get enough out there this time but I cant write much more a bout that. I have hurd news that I am surprised at. I have hurd that you thought of geting mared to a man a bout 40 years old. now Emogene they is one thing I want to have you do that is to take an advice from your Father and Mother and not go to geting mared without your Fathers and Mothers concent you dont know what feelings it will make I hurd that it wored our folks awfully a bout it nowif you think any think of your folks dont get mared yet you are to young you have not seen as many years as Father and Mother has and therefore I want to have you mind them now Emogene take my advice and dont mary without thear concent. I cant write any more this time so good by From your true friend and Brother
E. B. Platt.
Write soon:
yours Truly 


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