3 November 1863: “…it is the nicest article I can find any where now, so I got forty yards…”

Item description: Letter, dated 3 November 1863, from Annie M. Schon in Atlanta to her sister Bettie Kimberly in Chapel Hill.  She discusses their family, children, and the prices of clothing and food.

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Item citation: From folder 43 of the John Kimberly Papers #398, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Atlanta Nov 3rd 1863

Dear Bettie,

Instead of writing by mail this week I send this note by Ma as you will receive it earlier than by mail.  Ma will start for Chapel Hill to day or to morrow and you will be equally surprised and delighted to find Frank with her.  I wrote you that Cousin David would take her on, which arrangement had been decided upon when Frank came down to Atlanta, and not being well, he succeeded in getting a furlough.  I have no news dear Bettie to write you.  Ma can tell you fully about us all.  I send by her the box of French candy that Fannie has been saving so long for Rebecca, the blue merino I send for Rebecca, and the stone color I bought for little pants and sacque for Maney, but as he is not wearing pants you must use it for any purpose you like best.  I hope Johnnie’s suit will fit him.  I made it to fit my Johnnie exactly, and I expect your boy is nearly as large as mine.  Bless the little darling – I expect he is toddling all about now.  How I wish I could see him.  John Schon is a great rough little rowdy, runs everywhere and is just too smart for any use in the world.  These four oranges Bettie I send to the children.  I would not send you so few but they are all I have in the house.  Mr Schon brought them in to me yesterday and I know the children will enjoy them more than I would.  You will probably wonder why I send you this brown goods.  It is not such as I would get if I could make a selection, but it is the nicest article I can find any where now, so I got forty yards, 20 yards for you & 20 for myself for a travelling dress & wrapping and I think a travelling bonnet of the same would be very nice and if like me you have no use for a travelling suit, it will answer for a walking suit in these times.  I dear me how I wish I could go with Ma to see, and I would do it, but it is impossible for Mr. Schon to leave Atlanta now and I cannot leave him.  I feel very anxious and unhappy about him, his lungs and his cough pain him constantly now and I very much fear his left lung is seriously affected. But I must live for the present.  Give our best love to Mr. Kimberly and the girls and thousands of kisses to the darling children – with best best love for your dear self

Your devoted sister

Annie M. Schon

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