26 December 1863: “IV. Which is the most approved mode of treating uncomplicated Gun Shot Wounds?”

Item description: A circular, dated 26 December 1863, from the Association of Army and Navy Surgeons [Confederate] seeking information on how to deal with aneurysms, hemorrhages, and gunshot wounds.


Item transcription:

Association of Army and Navy Surgeons,

Richmond, Dec. 26, 1863.

        I. What varieties of Traumatic Aneurisms have you noticed; how have they been treated; what results, and what proportion did such accidents bear to the total number of wounds and arteries under your care?

II. Any instances of Secondary Hæmorrhage following amputations, and have such occurred after the flap or circular methods had been performed. Have such accidents been more frequent after the one or the other of these modes of operating?

III. Have you met with any Incised, Punctured, or Sword Wounds; and what features of interest have they presented?

IV. Which is the most approved mode of treating uncomplicated Gun Shot Wounds? Have warm or cold applications been the more generally resorted to, and with what results?


Pres’t Ass’n A. & N. Surgeons.

Item citation: [Circular seeking information on aneurysms, hemorrhages, and gunshot wounds]. Richmond : [s.n.], 1863. 3022 Conf., Rare Book Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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