21 May 1864: “he suffered but a short time”

Item Description:  Letter dated 21 May 1864 from Robert Stuart Finley to Mr. Richard Cabeen in Illinois, telling of the death of his son Richard H. Cabeen in battle near Reseca, Georgia.

Robert Stuart Finley (1838-1868), native of Ohio, moved to Mercer County, Ill., in 1854. He taught at Washington, Iowa, and North Diberty, Iowa, and graduated from Monmouth College. He also studied at the Theological Seminary of Monmouth before the Civil War. Finley served in the 30th Illinois Infantry, 1861-1865, as quartermaster sergeant and was promoted to first lieutenant on 25 April 1865. He was graduated in theology in 1867, married Mary A. Cabeen on 11 April 1867, and died 26 January 1868, leaving his widow and an infant a few days old.

21May18641 21May18642 21May18643 21May18644Item Citation:  Letter dated 21 May 1864, in the Robert Stuart Finley papers #3685-z, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Near Kingston Georgia

May 21st 1864

Mr Cabeen,

Dear Sir I am very sorry to be inured in writin you the sad news of your Son Death, he was killed while making a Charge on a masered Battery the Charge was led by our brigade The Battery was Captured before he was killed The Charge was made about half last one

One P.M. it was a very hard plase to lead a Charg on account of verry heavy Limber + under Bruch, On the morning of the 15th right of Ressaeed about ? ? Corps got orders to march To the left at the distance of 5 miles where we masued aure Corps he was the only one that was killed of aure Co on that day But there was a mortely wounded one of them has died since youre Sone R H Cabeen was shot dead he Received a musuget ball in the senter of his fore head he suffered but a short time he never spok after he was Shot he draped dead he was a brave Soldier he was Buried the evening of teh 16 he was Burried in the Same Grave as the rest of dead of the 102nd Berg he is the last that was Buiried the reason of him being the last was we had to burre by the leter of the Co

Aure Brigade was laft to burry the dead at that point of field it was a very hard site for tabe seen

Before We advanced on the an the Enemy we was ordered to leave all of aure knapsacks & clothing behind us so RH left all of his and we was not permitted to leave the field until next morning so nearly all of the thing was lost I serched for his knapsack But could not find it

he had $25 som cents an his Person which some person took of him he was left in the rease of the line of Battel so then was a good chance to so

As Sune as I could get to go to see were he was lying I went and all that could bee found was his Testement some letter & a day book, Their was no more killed that day of Co Jahn C Cummuns was Wounde the same day I did not see his wound I is asaid he is wounded on the side of the Mouth

But not morterly ther was was seven wounded on that day ___

The 4th day is another that will long be remembered by every Co. we was in the Skirmish time near the Enmy Breast works where we got 2 killed & 11 wounded. The names of killed is John Gibsont & Wattson Hills. The wounded is ? ? Bunton the rest is slites woundes. I receieved a slit wound on that day my self.

I have not heard how wouned the i getting along. But I supose. ? drawn leg will have tp be amputated P.S. I have got some of your son’s letters which I will send to you by male & his book ?
I cut a lok of his hair which I wil send to you in this letter which is all I could do for taken of rememberence of him.

I remain you friend as wll to Rochard Cabeen
Robert B. Seaton.
Write soon.

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