6 November 1864: “We wold blo it up before thay shood have it.”

Item Description: Letter from Jerome Rigins, a sailor in the Confederate Navy, to Martin Moser.  He discusses how Union troops have taken Plymouth and will likely take Kinston.  If Kinston were to fall, they would destroy their ship (believed to be the CSS Neuse).



Item Citation: Martin Moser Papers # 3972-z

Item Transcription:

November the 6 1864

Kinston NC

Der frend,

i seat my self Down to write you a few lins to let you no that i am better.  i have been very sick with the fever.  i am nerly well agane.  I am only week now.  the officers pade a good tention to me while i was down.  We have good wether now.  The rivver is low.  The Yankee is taking Plymouth agane.  I expects the Yankee will under take Kinston.  if thay do thay will take it i think but i don’t think thay can take our boat easy.  We wold fight hard it.  We wold di at it rather than to give it up.  We wold blo it up before thay shood have it.  tell July that I will send her somthing if i cand git the chace i will send her nuf prety stuff to make her A bonet if i can.  we have preaching evry Sunday the chuch bell is ringing now for preaching now.  our Capt is got orders not to give ferlow enymore.  now till ellic and Eli howdy for me that i only way one hundread and fifty ponds.  So I mast close by asking you to write soon.  give my respcts to all my frends.  So no more at this time you must excuse my bad writing my hand tremble so I cand half write.

Jorome Rigins

To Mr. Martin Moser

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