23 Febrary 1865: “There is one thing sertain this war cannot last many months longer”

Item Description: A letter from Theodore W. Skinner to his family regarding his thoughts on Wilmington, Jefferson Davis, the War, and the moral of his fellow soldiers in the aftermath of the Battle of Wilmington.

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Item Citation: Unit 45, in the Federal Soldiers’ Letters #3185, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item Transcription:

Wilmington, NC

Feb 23/65

Dear folkes at home

Wilmington is ours. The enemy evacuated it night before last. We took possession of the place yesterday morning. The place is strongly fortified it does not seem as if they would go and leave such works it must be that rebellion is about placed. It must make old Jeff feel rather weak in the knees to have so many of the yanks to work in his rear. I should not be surprised if he was (?) Richmond before many days. When Shermans army and Yarry (?) form a junction and march on to Richmond he will rather have to vacuate the place and be captured and I do not think he would like the idea of being captured. There is one thing sertain this war cannot last many months longer. I think all of the soldiers that live to see an other [sic] winter can spend their time at home. The rebs did not make much of a stand we out flanked them every time we have had to do a great deal of marching but it has accomplished all that we desired. Wilmington is not so much of a place as I expected to find it. The buildings look old. There are a plenty of citizens in this town any quantity of women both white and black and quite a number of men. The boys’ll feel pretty well they had some hard marching but what they have accomplished is a good medicine for all complaints. I am well as usual. My feet were sure sore but a good nights rest has done a good deal towards curing them and are encamped about three quarters of a mile out of town. I do not think we shall remain here many days. Well I must close. Love to all. From your boy. Theodore W. Skinner


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One Response to 23 Febrary 1865: “There is one thing sertain this war cannot last many months longer”

  1. Buck Lawler says:

    It should read “I should not be surprised if he evacuated Richmond before many days”, not “if he was (?) Richmond. . . . . “.