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All of the books in this blog are available at the North Carolina Collection. Some can be accessed in their entirety from your computer. The digital copies have been created by a variety of digitization projects, and each project presents the books in a slightly different way. In every case, the novels are free to view. Due to restrictions imposed by copyright laws, the majority of these novels are older (pre-1925). However, these are also the titles that are likely the most difficult to find at your local library or bookstore.

Check out the “Novels to Read Online” category in the far right sidebar or click here to see all the books in the blog that are available online. Basic instructions for accessing digital copies are below.

Instructions for Accessing Novels Available Online:

You may access a digitized copy of an individual novel by clicking on the novel’s “Check this title’s availability in the UNC Library Catalog” link. This link will bring you to the entry for the novel in the UNC catalog, which will show you the availability of both physical and online copies of the book. Any novel available online will have a box entitled “Online Access” near the top of the catalog record; click on the link within this box to access a digital copy. If there are multiple links in the “Online Access” box, this means that there multiple digital versions are available. Try any or all of these links to find the copy that best meets your needs.

Special Instructions for Accessing Novels Available via the Internet Archive:

In some cases, clicking on the link in the UNC catalog’s “Online Access” box will bring you to an Internet Archive search result. Click on that result; it links to a page that provides information on the book and its digitization. On the left-hand side of this Internet Archive page will be a box entitled “View the Book,” with an image of the book and a list of available file types. Please select the version that best meets your needs, or click on the book’s image to access a digital version that mimics a traditional book.

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