North Carolina’s physical landscape is extremely varied; mountains, plains, hills, islands, beaches, forests, and farmland are all a part of the state. Many authors have taken advantage of this variety, setting their novels not only in all of the larger regions of the state, but also in virtually every corner or pocket. Check out the “Novels by Region” category in the far right sidebar or click on one of the regions listed to the right to learn more about each area and its novels.

In addition, the characters and the stories in most North Carolina novels come from the imagination and experiences of the author, but the settings are often based on real places. A number of the books in this blog have been identified–either through clues in the text or statements by the author–as taking place in or near specific counties. To find books set in a given county, click on the “Novels by County” category in the far right sidebar. If a county name is not highlighted, that means that we have not yet added a book to the blog from that county, but new books are added regularly so check back often.

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