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  1. Carla Corless

    I was wondering if Wanda Canada was going to write any more GREAT stories with Carroll Davenport? I have been checking regularly with my book store in Charlotte, but they have not seen anything as of yet. I really enjoyed both of her novels and even was lucky enough to received signed copies from the little book store.

    Thank you,


  2. Jenny McElroy

    While I’m not sure about Ms. Canada’s plans for her next book, I do know that this Monday (July 21) she was the guest-speaker for the Clueless Mystery Book Club at the Wake County East Regional Public Library in Knightdale. The contact for that event was listed as Janet Morley ( and she might know more.
    If you find out that a new book is coming, please let us know!

  3. Hi
    I love this site! I noticed the reviews of Sugar Queen. Author Sarah Addison Allen will have a novella coming out this fall from my company, BelleBooks, in audio and ebook. IN MY DREAMS is about the everyday magic of life in a small NC town. I can provide a review copy of the print manuscript if you’d like. All best, Deb Smith, Editorial, BB Audio

  4. Sydney Phillips

    I am looking for NC literature for 4th grade Social Studies that can be intergrated into Language Arts.

  5. I read a wonderful novel set in the Outer Banks. I cannot remember the author or title. Three high school friends come to terms with the death of another friend twenty years after graduation. The deceased woman’s mother has cancer and is a pastor’s wife. It bothers me to no end that I can’t remember it. I fell in love with the Carolinas with my son and daughter in law stationed at Parris Island and living in Beaufort. Dorothea Bention Frank, Nicholas Sparks and Anne Rivers Siddon, to name just a few favorite authors. Could you help me with the name or the author, please?

  6. Jenny McElroy

    The old-friends-at-the-beach theme is a very common one in North Carolina fiction. With that in mind, I’m not sure if I know exactly which book you are thinking of, but you might take a look at these: Last of Something by Susan Kelly, Circle of Grace by Penelope Stokes, and Outer Banks by Anne Rice Siddons.
    Does anyone else have any ideas for Cheryl?

  7. Hell Swamp, the third Logan Hunter mystery, will be released on February 21st by L&L Dreamspell. Please add this to the North Carolina list. It is set along Black River in the south eastern part of the state. Thanks!

  8. I love Wanda Canada books as well.

  9. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for the information on the new Logan Hunter novel. We will order it this week. We don’t post a summary until we have the book in hand, so watch this blog in March.

  10. Thank you for featuring my book, A Perfect Escape, on your site. What a nice surprise to find it in a Google Alert this week. I wanted to let you know that I have a couple of other books set in North Carolina, on the Outer Banks. The series is The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice, and book one is titled The Curse, book two, The Cult. The Quest is coming this spring (although the time-travel series started on the Outer Banks, this third book is actually set in Ohio, but still has the Blackbeard premise running through it). I’d love to speak more with you about this series if you are interested. Thanks so much.

    maddie james

  11. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for your comment, Ms. James. I am the person who makes book purchases for the North Carolina Collection. I will follow up the series and be back in touch if I need more information.
    Eileen McGrath

  12. I am a UNC-CH alum from North Carolina and I published my first novel, Sunday Morning Secrets last year. It is the story of Jonathan Pierce, pastor of King’s Chapel, a prominent church in (fictional) Lovette, NC. He is torn between protecting his church and keeping his wife’s abominable secret – a secret that eventually leads to murder. Visit the website for more info and the venues where the book is available for purchase. I would love to have it included on this site.

  13. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for your messages, Ms. McFarland. We will order your book for the North Carolina Collection. Once we have the book in hand, we will add it to this site. Check back around Memorial Day.

  14. Lori Special

    For the children and YA section the Maggie Valley Trilogy by Kerry Madden needs to be included.

    The three books in the series take place in the Haywood County town of Maggie Valley in the 1960s. Gentle’s Holler is the first book, Louisianna’s Song is book two and Jessie’s Mountain is number three.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and I’m recommending it to the youth services staff in public libraries across the state.

  15. I am looking for a second book from an author I just read in april or may about… The series starts (first book) about a witch who moves from north carolina to canada to take over her grandmothers “curio” shop that is filled with magic items… The remaining family in North Carolina is controlled by women who are also the loca “red hat ladies” club in the north carolina area I think near asheville… Men can have magical powers but get out of control and become animalistic.. The book involved dragons, elves, and other Fae fighting in this “plane” and in their own and I cant remember the author or the book name and I have had no luck finding it… I know that it has a north carolina connection in that the family is from there so I though I would try to contact you all…


  16. Eileen McGrath

    This is not a book that we know, but we will see if we can find out about it.

  17. Lucy Peaden

    We conducted a search to try to find a book that fits your description and came across Shirley Damsgaard’s “Ophelia and Abby Mysteries.” In the seventh novel of that series, The Seventh Witch, Damsgaard brings the witch duo to the Blue Ridge Mountains from Iowa where they encounter family members with magical powers. Please see the series and novel entries for more information, and thank you for bringing this title to our attention.

    Although a few elements from your description are not found in the Damsgaard’s series, we think that these novels are close to what you describe. Another series that you might try is the “Women of the Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong. Although there is a minimal connection to North Carolina, these books seem to be a close match because of the Canadian setting and the focus on the supernatural in the form of werewolves.

  18. Tom

    Shirley Damsgaard’s “Ophelia and Abby Mysteries.
    What a delightful book the seventh installment of the series is. I can’t help thinking that this series has improved with each new book. In this adventure, the whole family travel to the mountains for great Aunt Mary’s 100th birthday party. Many secrets about Ophelia’s ancestry are revealed which gives the reader a clearer picture of both Abby and Ophelia. I bought the kindle edition and read it in one go and enjoyed it immensely. I recommend it highly!

  19. Cheers, thanks for this post. It reminded me of a fet things, just a sec I will share my thoughts cuz I`m a bit busy now :).

  20. You have most of the other authors published by McBryde listed. How can I get my books listed as well? Thanks, Skip Crayton…”Remember When” and “The Letter Sweater.”

  21. Eileen McGrath

    The posts in this blog cover only novels set in North Carolina. We try to create a posting for each newly-published novel that we get; in general, we don’t have the time to blog about novels published before the blog began in 2008. If you have published any novels set in the state, please email the ordering information for them to:

  22. jarret lobb

    I will be traveling to North Carolinatwice in the next few months. I would like ot read some books set in North Carolina and like your site. I am legally blind and would like to confine my search to books available on CD/DVD (not Kindle). Is there a way to search for NC books (novels or histories / non-fiction) in CDDVD format.

    Thanks for developing this site.

  23. Lucy Peaden

    Dear Mr. Lobb,

    We are happy to help you search for North Carolina audio books. To search for titles using the UNC Libraries webpage:
    1) go to the “Advanced Search” page of the library catalog (
    2) on the fifth line on the left side of the screen (the entry marked “Words in Subject Heading”), enter the phrase “North Carolina — fiction.”
    3) on the third line on the right side of the screen (the entry marked “Formats”), use the drop-down menu to select “Audio.”
    4) click on “Search” on the bottom left side of the screen.
    This will give you a list of novels held by the UNC Libraries that fall into the North Carolina fiction category. You mentioned that you are also interested in histories and non-fiction titles as well as in DVDs. You can use the steps above to modify your search, such as by entering other terms (i.e. “North Carolina — History”) or selecting different formats (i.e. “Videos and DVDs”), for a different list.

    This method can also be followed using most library catalogs, likely including your home public library. Your local librarian can also help you, especially if a title that you are interested in is available only through Inter-Library Loan.

    You may also consult your state library, which may offer services for the visually handicapped. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress ( provides audio books to libraries throughout the United States. To search for a local library that carries this free service, you can search for your state at the following link:

    If you are interested in purchasing audio books, we suggest trying Amazon ( On the top search bar, make sure that “Audiobooks” is selected from the drop-down menu. Enter your search terms, and click “Go.”

    We appreciate your comment, and we will use it to enhance the blog. In the next few weeks, we will begin adding an “Audio” category and additional catalog link to entries for which the NCC has an audio copy.

    Thank you for your kind words, and we hope that you have wonderful trips to North Carolina!

  24. Diane Straightiff

    I am searching for a murder mystery where a body is found in a restaurant in the Outer Banks, NC. This is all the info I have. Anyone have any ideas?

  25. Lucy Peaden

    Ms. Straightiff,
    Could you be thinking of Wendy Howell Mills’ “Callie McKinley – Outer Banks Mystery” series? Her two novels, ‘Callie & the Dealer & a Dog Named Jake’ (2001) and ‘Death of a Mermaid’ (2002), feature Callie McKinley as a restaurant manager on the Outer Banks. Murder is involved in both books, and a body is found in the restaurant’s freezer in the first.
    Other possible stories include Ellery Adams’ ‘A Deadly Cliché’ (2001), which features a restaurateur in the (fictional) coastal town of Oyster Bay. B.J. Mountford has mystery series set in the Outer Banks. Other authors have mystery novels set on the North Carolina coast, although they are not set in the Outer Banks. Margaret Maron’s “Judge Deborah Knott Mysteries” series features two seaside settings: ‘Shooting at Loons’ (1995) is set in Harker’s Island, and ‘Sand Sharks’ (2009) is set in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. Wanda Canada and T. Lynn Ocean also have mysteries set in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.
    Do any of these sound right? Thank you for your inquiry!

  26. Diane Straightiff

    Thank you so much. The one does sound exactly like what I was describing. I also appreciate the other suggestions as I love beach setting books, especially Outer Banks. I have read some of Margaret Maron’s and liked them. The only thing better is being there! I love this site, being able to find suggestion for books and communicate with others. I’m anxious to get out there and find some of these.

  27. I would like to submit my 3rd book and first novel, Strays, to North Carolina Novels. Set in the Smoky Mountains, it’s the story of a young woman caught in the chaos of a life she didnt’ want. What follows is a look at the human quest for purpose and meaning through the eyes of nature. If plants and animals could speak they would probably share the brand of simple and practical wisdom that the diverse cast of characters offers to the protagonist of Strays.
    Published by Personhood Press June 1, 2011, Strays, is nationally distributed by IPG, Baker & Taylor and Ingram. I am a resident of Franklin in Western N.C. and would love to have it reviewed and added to the list of North Carolina titles.
    If there is anything else required to submit my book, you can reach me at the email above. Thank you so much!

  28. Eileen McGrath

    We have your book on order and will include it in this blog when it comes in and is cataloged. If you check back in a month or so, it should be here.

  29. Sondra,Wood

    I have family on St James Island and alway go into SouthPort,that is where
    I found Wanda Canada books with Carol Davenport land I love to read and
    I love her two books. I’m from Marion Indiana and I can’t find her books
    here I’m hope you can tell me if she has any or will have any new books
    coming out, I would love to order them on line

  30. Eileen McGrath

    Ms. Canada’s third Carroll Davenport novel, Beach Murders, is finished, but she has not yet found a suitable publisher for it. She is currently at work on a young adult novel with the working title Annie Dove.

  31. I thought this link, which was featured on Valentine’s Day on Huffington Post, might be of interest to you and members of your list, since an early (and pivotal) scene in the nonfiction manuscript it is based on takes place in the Library’s Carolina Collection:
    I am the author of three previous books (“The Gospel According to The Simpsons,” “The Gospel According to Disney” and “A Jew Among the Evangelicals”).
    My new book, “Amazing Gifts: Stories of Faith, Disability and Inclusion, launches this week.
    The manuscript does not yet have a publisher, but is represented by the NYC literary agent Gail Hochman, of Brandt & Hochman. I’m not averse to smaller houses/university presses, or trade paper or mass market originals. Feel free to pass this along.
    Mark I. Pinsky

  32. Cathie

    I wonder if you can help me with a title and author of a book I read, but cannot remember? The setting is Cherokee, NC. The storyline involves stolen artifacts (from a museum in NYC?) which reappear in the Cherokee area. It is a murder mystery and also a romance (between the FBI agent and the forensic archeaologist who works at a museum in Cherokee.)

  33. Eileen McGrath

    Sounds like a good book. Let us work on this. We’ll try to get back to you in a few days.

  34. Eileen McGrath

    I think this may be the book: Before Sunrise, by Diana Palmer. It was first published in 2005, and it’s been reprinted this year by HQN Books. Here’s some of the description from

    Jeremiah Cortez thought he’d left the past behind him—especially the part of his past concerning Phoebe Keller. Once she had stirred his world-weary soul. Now, years later, seeing the blond beauty again sparks dormant desires. But he has to push his emotions aside—he has new ties that can’t be broken.
    Phoebe thought her feelings for Cortez were buried as deep as the artifacts she studies in her museum. An expert in Native American culture, she has her doubts when an anthropologist claims to have discovered a Neanderthal skeleton on a nearby reservation. But before Phoebe can pursue the matter, the professor in question turns up dead—and the FBI sends Cortez to investigate.

  35. My name is Sandra Carrington-Smith, and I am the author of Killer in Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery), a murder mystery entirely set in Raleigh, NC.

    I am also the author of Housekeeping for the Soul, a nonfiction self-help, and The Book of Obeah, a paranormal thriller also partially set in North Carolina, which you have reviewed last year.

    Should you wish to review Killer in Sight, please e-mail me or the publisher for a review copy at

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Best regards,

    Sandra Carrington-Smith

  36. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you, Ms. Carrington-Smith, for this information. I will follow up on it.

  37. Tina Arnette

    I am so excited to have found this website. Thank you!!!!! I love to read about our state and all the wonderful counties. We just need some good ol fashion humor in all of us. I love that this is dedicated to NC writers. I have started a list of books to read. God gave us each a talent, yours may be writing, mine is making people laugh.

  38. Cathie

    Thanks, Eileen! Before Sunrise is definitely the book. And because I had so much trouble remembering it later, I started a notebook of all the books I have read on my Nook. This title is going in the notebook right now! (Sorry that it took me so long to get back to the blogpost and tell you that you found it. What a great service!)

  39. JoAnn

    About 10 years ago I read several books that were set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I know the author was a woman, the books were novels — not mystery, not romance, just great story telling. For the life of me I cannot remember her name. I just returned from my visit to the Outer Banks and would love to re-read these books and any more from her. Any ideas?

  40. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hi JoAnn,

    Do you remember anything else about the books? I do know that Diane Chamberlain wrote some novels set on the Outer Banks in the early 2000s that have since been reissued, Kiss River and Keeper of the Light being a couple examples. You can find descriptions of all of her novels in our online catalog: Does that help? If these aren’t the books you’re looking for and you remember any other specifics, please let us know. You might also want to check our “Coast” tag (found on the right-hand side of the blog’s home page under “Novels by Region”). Hope this helped, and thanks for reading!

  41. Lynne

    I wonder if you have a further break-down of these novels; I’m looking for ones set in/about Asheville.
    Thanks so much.

  42. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hi Lynne,

    I think the closest we have to a break-down by city is either searching the city in our search box on our homepage (you can find the keyword search box by scrolling a little ways down the homepage and looking on your right under the tags), or narrowing by county, found also along the right-hand side of the home page. In this case, you would check under Buncombe County to find Asheville. We currently have 51 novels tagged as being set in Buncombe, and I can think of more than a few that are set in Asheville! Let us know if you need more help, and thanks for reading!

  43. Hi Eileen,

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has two of my novels. I am inquiring as to being included on your list. The titles of the two they have are Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores and Moonlight on the Nantahala.

    My publisher, Schiffer Publishing LTD will be releasing my newest one Nov. 28th. It’s title is Appalachia Mountain Folklore. This book entails stories from Western North Carolina.

    Thank you,
    Micheal Rivers

  44. My name is Brenda Tetreault, and I’m the author of three of the books Elizabeth Diebold has reviewed and written about here. I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be included in your website, and would like to offer the last three books in The Bounty Cove Chronicles for your perusal. They are: Shadows of Doubt: Book Four of The Bounty Cove Chronicles, A Ghost of A Chance: Book Five of The Bounty Cove Chronicles, and the most recent, Prophecies and Destinies: Book Six of The Bounty Cove Chronicles.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words!

    Brenda Tetreault

  45. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hi Ms. Tetreault,

    Thanks so much for your comments! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the summaries I wrote. We have Shadows of a Doubt and A Ghost of Chance on order, and I’m certain we’ll be ordering Prophecies and Destinies soon, now that we know it’s available. Thank you for the information, and please let us know if you write any other fiction set in North Carolina in the future– we would love to add it to our collections!


  46. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for contacting us. Read North Carolina Novels includes only full length novels, not short stories or collections of tales. That’s the reason why Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores is not in this blog. We will add Moonlight on the Nantahala to our list of titles to write up. (This blog is an add-on to our regular jobs, and even with three of us contributing posts, we don’t quite keep up with all the new novels set in this state.)
    I will order a copy of Appalachian Mountain Folklore today.

  47. gregory murray

    i am trying to determin the name and works of an author from costal N C she was a teacher for costal carolina comminty collage or white oak high school white oak NC. her aprox. address was havlock , jacksonville, white oak or newburn NC area she instructed in 70s &80s any info would be greatly appreciated

  48. Eileen McGrath

    I worked on your question for a few hours this morning, but I don’t have the answer. How old would this person be now? What do you know about the kind of things she wrote (novels, poetry, histories, etc.)? Did she publish them in the 1970s or earlier? The best source for working on this question that I found is the North Carolina Literary Map ( that UNC-Greensboro created. You can search that map by section, county, and even town. When I did that I came up with a few possibilities: Sheila Turnage, Janet Lembke, Lorraine Hale Robinson, and Mebane Holoman Burgwyn. It’s probably a good idea for you to search it yourself because there may be something that I wouldn’t notice but that will trigger something in your memory. Let me know how your search goes. I will talk to others about your query after the New Year when we are back to full staff.

  49. Jack and Max early reader picture books are great as read alouds and for beginning readers. Your children will get to know their new friends Jack and Max and build reading skills through fun rhyme and repetition as they explore the world around them. Come along and join the adventure!

  50. My novel, HANNAH’S VOICE, was released this week by Evolved Publishing, and is set in a small North Carolina community. I lived in NC for several years, and still plan on returning. I’d love it if you’re able to include this book in your list.

  51. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hello Mr. Grindstaff,

    Thank you so much for your recommendation! We are always on the lookout for new fictional novels set in North Carolina, and your novel certainly looks like it would make a great addition to our collection. We hope you’re able to return to NC soon!

  52. Elizabeth DeBold


    As a collection and a blog dedicated to fictional novels set in North Carolina, I’m sorry to inform you that we only collect and post on those types of items. I couldn’t find any indication of a North Carolina setting on the book’s website, and as it is a picture book, we unfortunately wouldn’t be able to include it here. Thank you for your recommendation, and for reading!

  53. Hi Elizabeth,
    I wasn’t sure if the last comment was directed at me or not. But my book is fiction, a novel set in North Carolina, not a picture book. The blurb for the book reads: “A little girl’s silence rends a small North Carolina community. When her silence continues into her college years, the entire country divides over her message.”
    I wasn’t sure if you might have accidentally looked at the wrong book (I don’t have any picture books), or perhaps your comment was in reply to someone else, not me, in which case I apologize for the my confusion.

  54. Sorry, never mind. Now I see the post you were responding to. I swear it wasn’t there a minute ago. ha.

  55. Mary A. Berger

    Hello! I would like to inquire if Whittler’s Bench Press is receiving submissions for publication. I have written a “cozy” humor mystery, set here in western North Carolina, and centered around two spunky mid-lifers, Mattie Mitchell and her funny gal-pal Clare Tibbits. I’ll be happy to provide more information.
    Thank you.
    Mary A. Berger

  56. Eileen McGrath

    According to Ben Steelman of The Star-News (the Wilmington, NC newspaper), Dram Tree Books suspended publishing in 2011. (Whittler’s Bench Press is an imprint of Dram Tree Books.) See:
    The 2013 edition of Writer’s Market still includes information for Dram Tree Books. This is the email address listed:

  57. Brenda Tetreault

    Elizabeth DeBold, I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to write a fantastic synopsis for each and every one of the books in my Bounty Cove Chronicles series! It means so much to be able to read each synopsis and know that you took the time to actually read each book and carefully craft a concise and entertaining synopsis. Thank you again, Elizabeth! Keep up the fantastic work!

  58. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hi Ms. Tetreault,

    It was absolutely my pleasure to include your series in the blog, and to help make our patrons aware of your writing. If any of your future novels happen to take place in North Carolina, please let us know!

  59. Hello! My novel My Nora (ISBN 13: 9781440560446) is now available in print. It’s a sensual romance set in Chowan County.


    Holley Trent

  60. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you, Ms. Trent, for bringing your book to our attention. I plan to spend some time at your website to see what else you’ve written that would be appropriate for our collection.

  61. Larry Rochelle

    Since moving to NC in 2007, I have written 5 books about NC:
    MURDER ON 15/501,
    and BACK TO THE RAT.
    The last four are part of my Palmer Morel mystery series. All books are available on and

  62. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you, Mr. Rochelle. I knew about Occupy Fearrington but not the other titles. I will look into purchasing them for the North Carolina Collection.

  63. Hi, Eileen,
    I really enjoy your blog on NC novels. I wonder if you ever discuss books other than novels on your blog, or if you know of any sites for non-fiction books about North Carolina.
    Joel Dobson

  64. Keith Sisk

    How about “Star Flight” by Phyllis Whitney which takes place in Lake Lure?

  65. Eileen McGrath

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We started this blog in 2008, well after Star Flight was first published in 1993. We occasionally have time to go back and blog about older novels; I will add Star Flight to the list of novels that we should try to fit in to our schedule.

  66. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for the kind words. In this blog we stick to novels–we don’t have the manpower to branch out into nonfiction. If you’d like to see the full range of materials (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, etc.) that we’re acquiring about North Carolina, check the New in the North Carolina Collection section of the North Carolina Miscellany blog.

  67. My name is Jim Booth. I am a North Carolina native (grew up in Eden). I have written three works of fiction that take place partly or entirely in NC:

    – The New Southern Gentleman (Wexford College Press, 2002) takes place partly in Winston-Salem, partly in High Point.

    – Morte D’Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones (Beach House Books, 2003) takes place entirely in and around Eden, NC (Rockingham County)

    – Completeness of the Soul: The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star (Queens Ferry Press, 2012) takes place partly in Chapel Hill, partly in Reidsville, NC (Rockingham County)

    All of my books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at book stores like Regulator Bookshop in Durham.

    I hope you will consider adding my work to the NC fiction collection.


    Jim Booth

  68. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you, Mr. Booth. You are on our list of authors to add. We appreciate this additional information on your books.

  69. What a wonderful blog. I just discovered it, and am honored that my novel UNTIL PROVEN, was featured in October. I look forward to following the blog and my fellow NC writers. Thank you!

  70. Seasons greetings, Eileen! I am pleased to announce that I have released my fifth novel entitled “The Nest” (Aviva Publishers 2013, ISBN 978-1-938686-85-6). “The Nest” is a stand-alone novel, set in the Greensboro area, about Cherie Johnson, a fifty-something menopausal high school English teacher with a hankering to retire from the NC public schools. Her dreams are dashed when her husband Dave loses his job, her older underemployed daughter Hope returns home to nurse a broken heart, and her younger daughter Wesley becomes engaged, all on Valentine’s Day! “The Nest” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, in Kindle and Nook formats, and in print on my website at

  71. I’m a retired lawyer and nearly 20-yr resident of Cornelius, NC. My first novel, “Lucky Bastard,” published by Main Street Rag Press in Charlotte, is set in a fictional version of the Lake Norman area. In “Lucky Bastard,” Vietnam Vet Jimmy McLean struggles to get his life back on track following a costly divorce and the loss of his job. He’d have an easier time if his best friend wasn’t in jail for a homicide he may or may have committed, his teenage niece hadn’t runaway with stranger on a motorcycle, and someone hadn’t stashed a quarter ton of primo marijuana on his boat. “Lucky Bastard” is available through my publisher at Signed copies may be obtained directly from the author at

  72. Eileen McGrath

    We loved it when authors contact us to tell us about their novels. We will get copies of these books for the North Carolina Collection. Expect to see them on this blog before too long.

  73. Randy Polo

    I did not see the novel “Kate Vaiden” by Reynolds Price on your list. The story takes place in North Carolina and the book won a National Book Critics Circle Award. The author was from North Carolina and has other books on the list.

  74. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for your observation Mr. Polo. We started this blog in 2008 with the intention of letting readers know about newly published novels set in North Carolina. A number of people have contacted us as you have, reminding us about great novels that were published prior to our start date. We occasionally have time to go back and write about older novels and that’s how Blue Calhoun, The Good Priest’s Son, and A Long and Happy Life came into the blog. Kate Vaiden is a classic; I will add it to the list of novels that we should try to fit in to our schedule.

  75. Kathleen Volcjak

    I am looking for a book I read in jr high school. I believe the title was Roanoke. It was a YA story of an orphan boy (I think!) sent involuntarily with the third colony. I do not know the author, although I believe she/he was towards the end of the alphabet.

    The book was published around 1976, presumably in anticipation of bicentennial interest. Unlike the relatively hopeful HF of earlier decades, it was dark and did not end well- reflecting the changing historiographical views of the time, I suppose.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  76. Eileen McGrath

    I think that the book that you’re thinking of is Roanoke by Sonia Levitin (New York: Atheneum, 1973). The main character is a sixteen-year old orphan, William Wythers. For a bit more information, follow this link:

  77. Kathleen Volcjak

    Many thanks! I had come across this one before, but Amazon gave the publication date as 2000, which threw me off.

  78. Larry Rochelle

    My latest thriller, KILLING KARAOKE, set in Pittsboro, NC, has been published July 4, 20014. It’s available at and at Amazon Kindle.

  79. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for letting us know, Mr. Rochelle. We will order your new book for our collection.

  80. Larry Rochelle

    Hi, Eileen:

    My latest book, PUNK’D, has just been published on KINDLE and
    Music plays a big part in Larry Rochelle’s writing. He sometimes plays one song over and over as he types his thrillers: The Doobies, The Eagles, Benny Goodman and Tanya Tucker have all been background music for his intense Palmer Morel thrillers.
    For his sixteenth Palmer Morel novel, he stumbled upon a classical violin piece by Treme actress, Lucia Micarelli. The sound is full of romantic gloom and is entitled “Oblivion.”
    And PUNK’D might be seen as an introduction to oblivion itself. The scenes Rochelle uses are both imaginative and spooky. The Pussy Cat Lounge is a strip club in Durham. The Big Hole is a former cold war location used for secret communications in Pittsboro. Elmo’s is an often raucous greasy spoon in Carrboro near the University of North Carolina campus. Café Diem is a small, punkish, Goth coffee house in Pittsboro.
    The home base for most of the novel’s action takes place in an unusual community called Deerington Village. Here each condo is dedicated to a different rock singer, and on the top of Palmer Morel’s home is a huge statue of Elvis Presley dressed up in green and gold. It lights up at night.
    And need we mention that PUNK’D includes a certain quantity of murder, sex and depravity to keep the reader wondering if tennis pro Palmer Morel will be able to survive the mayhem.
    Buy it here:

    Larry 9-20-2014

  81. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for letting us know. This sounds like a fun book.

  82. brian

    I’m looking for an author from NC that wrote a book withe name warrior in it. his pen name on the book starts with david but his real name is indian. not sure of first name but his last name is daputti or something similar. He is from caldwell county or catawba county maybe.

  83. Deborah Edmonds

    My name is Deborah Edmonds. I grew up in the Smoky Mountains of NC. I am a new author and have just published my books 1st edition, titled Fires Creek. It is a fiction murder/ mystery/thriller set in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. It is available on Amazon and Kindle. Signed copies of my book can be purchased by emailing me at $12.95 Live Well!

  84. Eileen McGrath

    Thank you for letting us know this Ms. Edmonds. We will be ordering a copy through our regular ordering process. I look forward to reading Fires Creek.

  85. Eileen McGrath

    You didn’t mention if the book is fiction, or possibly another genre such as biography. I wonder if he could be the author of one of these books:

    Moon Dash Warrior: the story of an American Indian in Vietnam, a Marine from the Land of the Lumbee. Published in Livermore, Maine by Signal Tree Publishing, 1998
    This is the story of Delano Cummings; David Novak assisted in the writing and editing.

    David Fuller Cook. Reservation Nation. Albany, CA: Boaz Publishing. This is a novel; see the summary in this blog.

  86. Deborah Edmonds

    How are writers added to your NC writers list? I am a newly published author from Western NC. My book is a fiction murder mystery based in the Smoky Mountains titled Fires Creek. Deborah Edmonds

  87. Eileen McGrath

    We add titles to this blog after we have the book in hand and have had time to read it. We ordered your book, Fires Creek, about ten days ago. Normally, that would mean that you could expect to see the book in the blog early in the new year. However, I am retiring at the end of this calendar year and the future of this blog is under discussion. I’d suggest that you check back in mid-January to see if new posts are being added to the blog. If so, ask for your book to be reviewed.

  88. Dear Eileen,
    I would like to send RIVER MUSIC by Leigh Sauerwein (namelos, October 1, 2014) to you, but I read (above) that you are retiring in a few days. Has the future of the blog been decided? RIVER MUSIC is set in Western North Carolina in the post Civil War period. Its author, Leigh Sauerwein, lives in Germany now, in Berlin, but she was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. You can read about RIVER MUSIC here: .
    Nancy Hogan, Marketing Director, namelos

  89. Eileen McGrath

    Nothing has been decided about the blog. I don’t expect my position to be filled for at least six months; in all likelihood, the blog will be suspended for most of 2015. Thank you for letting me know about River Music. I will order a copy for our library before I leave work today.

  90. Thank you for including my WHISPER FALLS series on your list. The synopses have been so well-done. I would’ve expected this site to just copy whatever was listed on Amazon, but it looks as if the content was written by someone who had read the book(s).

    I have another YA series, and the first book released in November. I WISH is set in NC, in the fictional town of Magnolia Grove (which is fictionally in Eastern NC.) This trilogy is focused around a “genie”. The series has diverse characters (mental illness, disabilities, biracial and Latina MCs). Please consider it as well.

  91. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your comment and your kind words about the blog. Your new series sounds intriguing! We’ll be sure to make note of it.

    As it happens, this blog’s primary coordinator, Eileen McGrath, has just retired. (Congratulations, Eileen!) We’re still in the process of determining how best to proceed with the blog but we’re working on it!

  92. Thank you for including “Foal Play” in your collection. I have since had two more novels in the Colleen McCabe mystery series set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina published by Minotaur Books and would love if they joined the first in your collection. They are “Murder on the Hoof” (2014) and “Neighing with Fire” (2015). This is a wonderful blog! Keep up the good work!

  93. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your interest in the blog! We have “Murder on the Hoof” in the North Carolina Collection, but I’ll make a note to look into “Neighing with Fire.”

    We’re still on a pause when it comes to updating the blog, but we’ll keep these in mind for the future!

  94. That sounds wonderful, Emily! It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog so I appreciate everything you all are doing!

  95. Hello,

    My name is Dale Young and I publish fictional horror novels set in North Carolina. I was born and raised in Greensboro, and most of my family is from North Wilkesboro. My last full-length novel “The Ghost of Tobacco Road” was published by Niner 8 Books in February of 2015 and is set in a fictional town in the eastern portion of the state. My most recent publication is a short story entitled “The Curious Midlife Crisis of Barlow McSwain” and is set near the town of Wilkesboro. I also have a horror trilogy entitled “The Summerland Trilogy” that is set mainly in a fictional town near Lake Mattamuskeet. Although Charleston, SC is involved in the story, all three books mainly revolve around events in the that take place in the fictional town of Solomon, NC.

    I’m currently working on another short story entitled “Night Train” as well as a full-length novel entitled “The Darklands”. Both will be set in North Carolina.

    I think my novels would make an excellent addition to your website. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


  96. Emily Jack

    Thanks for letting us know! We’re still on a hiatus from posting, but we’ll add your books to the list of titles to consider when we resume updating.

  97. My name is Carroll C. Jones and I have just recently published (Jan-Carol Publishing) an historical novel set in western North Carolina just prior to the Civil War. It is the ante-bellum story of a young man relegated to the family’s estate in the wild mountains and left to fend for himself. Living in a lonely log cabin and with little or no farming experience, Basil Edmunston is at once expected to manage the business affairs of his father’s huge 5,000 acre farm. It was his familial duty was the way the patriarch had put it to Basil, and the son could not rightly refuse.

    The interactions with tenant farmers, doings of his small band of slaves, simultaneous romances with two neighbor girls, and bitter clashes with the vile, no-good antagonist fill the pages with historical details, romance, action, hilarity, and period dialog.

    I would appreciate your adding this book to your extensive list of North Carolina novels. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks….Carroll C. Jones

  98. Emily Jack

    Thanks for getting in touch! As you’ve probably seen, we’ve hit the “pause” button on updating the blog for now. But we’ve been keeping a list of novels to consider and we’ll gladly add this one to it.

  99. I was wondering if you would include Durham native Sylvia Wilkinson in your list of North Carolina writers. She is a two time winner of the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction (A KILLING FROST, SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN) and her recent novel BIG CACTUS released in late 2014 is set in North Carolina. She has published 7 novels, 3 adult non fiction works and 16 juveniles. She was on the faculty at UNC from 1967 – 1970, teaching Creative Writing and Journalism. She held National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Fellowships. A more complete account is in Wikipedia.

  100. Emily Jack

    Thanks for the great suggestion, John! We’ll be glad to add Sylvia Wilkinson’s novels to our list.

  101. This is Glenn Meganck. I am an author residing in Raleigh. My novel, After The Fall, takes place in NC. I also write under multiple pen names, including JR Ripley, Nick Lucas and Marie Celine. One of my new series, the Bird Lover’s Mystery Series (written as JR Ripley), takes place in the fictional town of Ruby Lake, NC.

  102. Emily Jack

    Thanks for letting us know about your novels, Glenn. We’ll happily add them to our list of titles to investigate!

  103. Elaine Horner

    I am trying to find any new books written by Joan Medlicott. Can you help me?

  104. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your comment, Elaine. Have you read A Blue and Gray Christmas, which was published in 2009? Or Promises of Change?

  105. Scott Clarke

    Check out The Rodeo Rider by Duncan More (Beau to Beau books and Amazon.
    Much of the action is set in Morgantown, Charlotte, and Raliegh.

  106. Emily Jack

    Thanks for the tip, Scott. We’ll add that to the list of titles to investigate!

  107. K.W.Wooten here – author of the new ebook, Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure. It is set in the town of Beaufort, North Carolina, and the surrounding waterways and hamlets. This is the first in a series, and is a fun read for all ages. It is faced paced, filled with action, and weaves historical events and figures into the plot. G-rated, affordable (.99 for next 3 days) and perfect for a beach read.

  108. I’ve published a novel this year that takes place along the North Carolina coast on a fictional island called Green Island. It’s roughly located where Okracoke Island is. The title of the book is “Foggy Point Light”. It’s the first installment of a trilogy, the second installment coming out next year. The story is about an abandoned lighthouse with a 40 year old mystery, which has recently been purchased by a man who wants to fix it up and live there with his family. Go on the adventure with him as he discovers the mysteries of Foggy Point Light. I’d like it if you’d add this to your catalog.

  109. Larry Rochelle

    Jelly Balls is the 19th installment in the Palmer Morel Mystery Series by Redmond author Larry Rochelle. Palmer and his son, Tony Jack, are back in Miami. Palmer likes this environment. He loves the women. And, he’s the new manager at The Twisted Twerk, a swanky tennis and golf oasis with plenty of space to make contacts. But it’s a job that expects him to be ambassador to all the movie stars, sexy models and mobsters who frequent the touristy, Ocean Drive, Art Deco world of sex, conspiracy and the force known only as The Mossad. Could Morel survive?

    Go to for more.

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