24 March 1862: “$25 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR the apprehension or delivery of a mulatto boy belonging to my mother.”

Item description: 24 March 1862 advertisement placed by Raleigh druggist Peter F. Pescud on behalf of his mother, Susan Brooke Pescud, offering a $25 reward for a runaway slave, printed in the 1 April 1862 issue of the Register (Raleigh, N.C.).

[Transcription available below image.]

Item citation: Raleigh Register, 1 April 1862. Raleigh, N.C.: Cp970 J28. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

$25 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR the apprehension or delivery of a mulatto boy belonging to my mother. He is named WILLIAM, and calls himself William Haskins. He has been called SANK, and many know him by that name.

The said boy is a mulatto, about 19 about 3 feet 6 inches in height, stout built, weight a day or two before leaving 165 lbs. He is a little round shouldered, is inclined to hold his head down when he walks. He walks and speaks fast–his eyes are prominent, and he has rather a sullen look. No marks recollected, except a scar on one of his thighs, from the cut of an axe. He has been hired at the Yarborough House for the past 12 months, and left there on Wednesday last, the 12th inst. He was raised in Petersburg, Va.; has lived at Louisa Court House–He is a Tobacco Twister and Snuff Maker by trade. His brother has a wife at Chapel Hill.

William dressed on Sunday very genteely. He is known to have a green and blue suit of broad cloth, and a military coat. He may have gone off as a free boy with the soldiers, or taken the cars and passing as a soldier’s servant, and may be trying to escape to the Yankees.

Raleigh, March 24, 1862.

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