Susan Whitfield. Genesis Beach. New York, iUniverse, Inc., 2007.

UPDATE NOV. 17, 2015: Susan Whitfield’s books are now published by Studebaker Press.

In this, the first of the Logan Hunter mysteries, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation intern Logan Hunter is assigned to the Genesis Beach Police Department to complete her required field hours. Although inexperienced, Logan is assigned to investigate the high-profile death of a local millionaire. In the course of her investigation she faces a variety of challenges, including a hurricane, recurring nightmares, and frustration as her investigation grinds to a halt after a second local death.

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2 Responses to Susan Whitfield. Genesis Beach. New York, iUniverse, Inc., 2007.

  1. Genesis Beach was picked up by L&L Dreamspell and is now under their label with a new cover.

  2. The owner of Dreamspell publishing passed away and the company closed. This gave me the opportunity to rewrite some passages before it was published again under the Studebaker Press logo with a new cover.