Susan Whitfield. The Logan Hunter Mysteries.

UPDATE NOV. 17, 2015: Susan Whitfield’s books are now published by Studebaker Press.

These mysteries follow Logan Hunter, an agent for the State Bureau of Investigation, as she begins her career and moves around the state attempting to solve crimes. The action in the first book takes place at the beach and Hunter is still an intern, trying to complete her required field hours. By the second book, she is a full-fledged agent assigned to find a serial killer in the mountains. The third sees her interrupted by a terrible crime in Ivanhoe, NC while planning her wedding.


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  1. Jenny McElroy

    Perhaps the fastest and most guaranteed way for any soldier overseas to get copies of specific books is to have a family member or friend send them. Both of these Logan Hunter Mystery series novels are available for purchase from major online booksellers like and in trade-paperback form (larger in size than a mass-market, but still a paperback).

    Another option may be the Books for Soldiers project. Soldiers can request specific books from this organization and registered volunteers send the books directly. Their
    website is located at:


  2. Hell Swamp, the third book in the series, has been released by L&L Dreamspell.

  3. Jenny McElroy

    Thanks for letting everyone know, Susan. As of yesterday, the copies of Hell Swamp here at the North Carolina Collection are available for use. Check out today’s blog entry here. It describes this newest Logan Hunter Mystery and has a link to the UNC online catalog.


  4. Just North of Luck is now under the Studebaker Press logo.

  5. Sticking Point, the fifth Logan Hunter Mystery is not yet part of the NC Collection.