Maddie James. A Perfect Escape. Resplendence Publishing, 2008.

Smyth Parker arrived at his Outer Banks beach house hoping for a quiet escape from the stresses of his regular life. What he found was a woman he didn’t know renting his cottage. That woman, Meg Thomas, has run away from her life in Chicago and is hiding from her cruel and abusive husband Bradford. Bradford wants to find her, not because he wants her back, but because she is a witness to his murder of a Chicago district attorney and threatens his new political aspirations. Meg and Smyth make a romantic connection, and when the mobsters catch up up with her, Smyth becomes her protector. The two hide out and dodge a sniper on the isolated Newport Island. Although there is a Newport, NC on the coast, there is not a Newport Island. The author based this fictional location on North Carolina’s uninhabited Portsmouth Island.

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