Maggie Bishop. Emeralds in the Snow. Boone, NC: High Country Publishers, 2004.

Emerald Graham, a petite math professor at Appalachian State University, has always had the best of everything – the right clothes, the best schools, the promise of a large inheritance, and plenty of the gemstones she’s named after.  Em decides to take up skiing and after an embarrassing fall, meets Lucky Tucker, a handsome and rugged member of the ski patrol.  Lucky has been working since he was a young boy to help his large, close-knit family make ends meet.  Despite their drastically different lifestyles, Em and Lucky quickly find that they get along well.  After Em finds an old treasure map that used to belong to her grandfather, the two decide to embark on what appears to be an innocent adventure.  When they uncover an old murder and a case of emeralds, the pair opens up a mystery that shakes up both their families.  Will this tension drive them apart or closer together?

This is the second novel in Maggie Bishop’s Appalachian Adventure series, and includes cameo appearances by Wes and Suzanne from Bishop’s first novel, Appalachian Paradise.

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  1. Nicola James

    The Appalachian series has captured my imagination in a way I would not have believed had I not read the first in the series “Appalachian Paradise”. This new addition seems like a worthy successor. Certainly, the name “Emeralds in the Snow” works for me, being a lover of gemstones and jewelry, as does the fact that this lovely gemstone plays a pivotal part in the storyline. All compounded by the fact that as a native of North Carolina, the setting appeals! Maggie Bishop is a writer who can capture your imagination and then run with it. I look forward to indulging myself with this new novel.
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