Ginny Aiken. The Carolina Justice Series.

Loganton, North Carolina seems like a quiet mountain town.  Folks here have known each other for generations, the downtown is still recognizable to people who return after twenty years away, and the police force consists of just three officers.  There are plenty of good people in the town, including the fire chief, the pharmacist, the county sheriff, and Granny Annie, who owns the local dinner.  All these people–and more–are touched by growing drug use in the town. The meth trade is a particular scourge, causing teenagers to steal from their employers, friends to betray friends, and the loss of the beloved downtown theater in a meth lab explosion.

In the books in this series, a woman is endangered when she comes in contact with the drug trade in the town.  Each woman is young (in her late twenties), a woman of accomplishment and faith, but also a person who is vulnerable to gossip and suspicion because of something in her past.  Faith, and the assistance of a good man, help the heroine to survive a difficult time and move into a better future.  Some characters from earlier books in the series appear in later books, and readers of the series come to feel that they know this little town and its inhabitants.

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