Ellery Adams. A Killer Plot. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2010.

Staying under the radar in a small town is a difficult task, especially for Olivia Limoges, a wealthy forty year-old. She is back in Oyster Bay, and people are already talking about “the grouchiest woman on the entire North Carolina coast.” Everyone has an opinion about how the aspiring writer should spend her life — and her money. When Olivia is encouraged by her best friend, Dixie, to join the local writers’ group to help her overcome her writer’s block, Olivia finds an unlikely group of friends. Unfortunately, their arrangement is weakened by the murder of Camden Ford, a gossip columnist from California. Camden had been in Oyster Bay doing a story on the Talbot family, rich land developers with shady practices. A haiku was left at the crime scene, so Olivia’s writers’ group begins investigating its meaning in an effort to solve their friend’s murder. Later two men who were believed to be connected to Camden’s untimely death are found murdered and in each case the killer left a haiku. The three haikus are related to the seasons, which leads Olivia to believe that the police are running out of time to prevent more deaths. Olivia helps to solve the murders and, as a result, improves the community that she has grown to love.

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