Sandra Balzo. Running on Empty. Sutton, England: Severn House, 2011.

AnnaLise Griggs returns to her hometown of Sutherton, North Carolina after her mother almost kills someone at the town’s annual blood drive. AnnaLise, a newspaper reporter working in Wisconsin, thinks she’ll just be in Sutherton over the Labor Day weekend while she assesses the situation. Surely her mother, who is only fifty, can’t be in a mental decline. AnnaLise plans to get her mother to the doctor and then go back to her life in Wisconsin.

But fate intervenes. Sutherton has a reputation as a town where strange accidents happen–college boy pranks gone wrong, hunting mishaps–but murders are rare. Until this Labor Day weekend.  In the space of three days a former police chief is murdered, as is a visitor from Japan, and the town’s middle-aged rich-boy developer is shot with the same rifle that killed the police chief.  Are these crimes related to the new high-end condo complex being built on the lake, or financial crimes, or small town jealousies, or the something further in the past?  Even as AnnaLise works with two of her childhood friends to get to the bottom of it, she worries what the future will hold for her and her mother.

This is the first novel in Balzo’s series Main Street Mysteries.

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