Vicki Lane. Under the Skin. New York: Bantam Books Trade Paperbacks, 2011.

Elizabeth Goodweather has seen her fair share of mysteries in Ridley Branch, a small hamlet in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. For now, though, Elizabeth just wants to settle down on her Full Circle Farm, manage her herb and flower business, and marry her handsome policeman boyfriend, Philip Hawkins. Elizabeth’s peaceful life is interrupted, however, when her sister Gloria descends on the homestead. Fresh from Florida and avoiding her potentially dangerous current husband, Gloria is the complete opposite of Elizabeth. Compared side-by-side, Elizabeth and Gloria’s relationship is a mystery in itself. Gloria loves material things, steals men’s attention with her beauty, and buys into all of the new age remedies that plain-looking, salt of the earth Elizabeth mocks. With all this, Gloria grates on Elizabeth’s nerves.

Now that Gloria has made herself at home, however, Elizabeth begins to see a new side of her sister. While she may have some annoying traits, Gloria proves to be a generous, thoughtful, and complex. A skeptical Elizabeth decides to join her sister at a workshop with a medium to show her support, but events that unfold during a séance leave her questioning reality – and put both sisters in danger. It is up to Elizabeth to uncover the truth and to restore harmony in her life, which now includes her sister.

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