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Steven Symes. Shadow House. Morrisville, NC:, 2010.

Scott Bennett is suffering.  As a hardworking New York lawyer, he put his career ahead of his family.  And then his family was gone–killed in a car crash.  Scott is consumed with guilt and plagued by nightmares.  With little planning, he moves from New York to the North Carolina mountains.

Not liking the newer homes around Asheville, he buys a rundown Victorian out in the country, even though the real estate agent warns him that the locals think the house is haunted.  Initially Scott is more annoyed by the unfriendly locals than he is by the strange noises and unexplained occurrences in the house.  But over time Scott’s own demons as well as those in the house, push him to the edge.   After the spirits turn violent, Scott seeks help from psychics, ghostbusters, and a college friend who is a healer in New Mexico.  Together they appease the spirits–but also unearth a secret the locals wanted to keep buried.

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