Suzetta Perkins. Déjà Vu. Largo, MD: Strebor Books, 2009.

In Suzetta Perkins’ earlier novel, Behind the Veil,  Margo Myles is betrayed by her closest confidants: her husband of twenty-five years, her long-term next door neighbor, and her very best friend in the world. In  Déjà Vu, Angelica Barnes (Margo’s best friend) is at the center of the drama.  Recently released from prison after being caught up in the “Operation Stingray” that got Margo’s husband into trouble, Angelica is trying to get her life back on track and to mend broken relationships.  However, she finds that making a new life in North Carolina will be too difficult; everyone in Fayetteville knows all about her past.  Angelica decides to move to New York City after being offered a job as a model, but the turmoil from her previous life follows her.  Robert Santiago, the ringleader of the criminal organization Operation Stingray finds her so that she can “repay her debt” to him.  Angelica, her family, and her friends are in danger as Santiago terrorizes and kills those who undid his schemes five years ago.  Angelica hopes that Margo will forgive her and help her, but Margo is struggling to reconnect with her husband who has just been released from prison.  Finally, it takes intervention from an outsider who is not what he appears to be to prevent Santiago from harming more people.

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7 Responses to Suzetta Perkins. Déjà Vu. Largo, MD: Strebor Books, 2009.

  1. This is a good one, had a copy a while back.

  2. Is the movie with Denzel Washington based off of this book?

  3. Eileen McGrath

    No, the Denzel Washington movie (2006) predates the novel and has a very different plot.

  4. I must say, and it’s a personal preference, of course, that I liked “Behind the Veil” a bit more.
    There’s nothing wrong with “Déjà Vu” I just didn’t enjoy it that much.
    Anyway thanks for this great post and I wish you a very merry Christmas!
    Best regards,

  5. It is really interesting to see a post on Suzetta Perkins novel. I am currently reading Ex-Terminator: Life After Marriage, and I really love it!

  6. @ Jeff Martin – I can’t wait for Suzetta Perkins newest novel “Betrayed”, that is supposed to come out this summer. I’m snatching it up and reading as soon as it comes out.

  7. Eileen McGrath

    According to, the publication date for “Betrayed” is Sept. 20th.