Tamara Leigh. Nowhere, Carolina. Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah Books, 2010.

Many people cringe at high school memories; they can be painfully regrettable.  For Maggie Pickwick, the choices that she made in high school have followed her throughout her adult life.  As a gorgeous, popular cheerleader, Maggie was cruel to outcasts and manipulative in her relationships with boys.  In an attempt to make  ex-boyfriend Reece Thorpe  jealous, Maggie dated a couple of fast boys.  A short time later, Maggie realized that she was pregnant.  Reece, disgusted with Maggie’s attitudes and behavior, wanted nothing to do with her.  Unaware of the pregnancy, Reece moved away from Pickwick, North Carolina.

Thirteen years later, Maggie is shocked to find out that Reece has returned to the small town to create a sculpture for her uncle.  Devyn, Maggie’s precocious teenager, is being bullied at school because of her lack of a father figure and the rumors that swirl about her promiscuous mother.  Unfortunately, the rumors are true: three men could be Devyn’s father. Although Maggie has found religion and turned her life around, townspeople are still suspicious of her.  Maggie wants to give Devyn an answer, but Reece’s return to Pickwick has complicated things.  She wants to protect her daughter, but Maggie feels a familiar attraction to Reece.  As she secretly tries to obtain Reece’s DNA, Maggie also wants to prove to Reece that she is not the spoiled, self-centered girl he knew in high school.  When Devyn’s biological father is revealed, Maggie finds that her “family,” although nontraditional, is special for her daughter.

Nowhere, Carolina is Tamara Leigh’s second novel in her “Southern Discomfort” series.

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