Tamara Leigh. Southern Discomfort Series.

Author Tamara Leigh

The Pickwick family certainly has their share of characters, no one will deny that. A wealthy clan with a large estate in the mountains of North Carolina, they have a reputation stretching back generations for swindling and conniving their way to the top. But Uncle “Obe” Obediah, the current head of the family, has experienced a brush with his own mortality and decided that it’s time to make amends. This includes revising his will significantly to include estranged relatives and wronged parties, and then selling off the grand family estate. This puts the younger generations of Pickwicks in a pickle, since along with reducing their inheritance, Uncle Obe may reveal some of their best-kept secrets, putting them in uncomfortable positions. There’s Piper, who moved all the way across the country to Los Angeles and changed her name to escape her family; there’s beautiful Maggie, who struggles with choices she made in high school that left her a single parent, and last but not least, feisty but grief-stricken Bridget, who turned her back on God and the world when she was widowed at 33.

But maybe Uncle Obe, with his insistence on putting the past to rights for all the Pickwicks, will unintentionally allow each of these young women a way to find a future brighter than she thinks possible.

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  1. The title “Restless in Carolina” really appealed to me, a Southern lady, with a penchant for reading. Getting into the book was easy as the writing style is relaxed and easy to read. So it was a relaxing read.

    Right off I saw that the key character, Bridget, is restless for several reasons. She is a “Tree-huggin’, animal-lovin'” individual who struggles with the grief of losing her husband at an early age. She struggles, too, with a family whose interactions could be the fodder for a number of novels.

    Another key character is Bridget’s Uncle Obadiah who is developing heart wrenching dementia but who also has lucid moments. Uncle Obe has a heart’s desire to right a wrong done in the past by his family before his dementia overtakes him. “… the only proof he requires is that of his troubled conscience.” p.319 This is another cause of Bridget’s restlessness.

    Enter our third primary character who stirs Bridget’s restlessness and….. well, we’ll let you read the story to learn how J.C. Dirk, a developer from Atlanta who is a man on the move developing green properties that have lead to his national recognition, and Bridget get acquainted and how it simply begets more restlessness for Bridget.

    Enjoy your bit of Southern Carolina charm and life as author, Tamara Leigh, takes you into this world of charm and change, of fears and forgiveness.

    I enjoyed this book and plan to pass it along for others to enjoy. I recommend it for those of you who enjoy a good relaxing read and a bit of “happily ever after.”

    Restless in Carolina: A Novel is the third installment to Southern Discomfort series, a contemporary religious romance fiction series by Tamara Leigh. Published by Multnomah Books in July 19th 2011.

    ISBN-10: 1601421680 ISBN-13: 978-1601421685

    Restless in Carolina was provided free of charge to me by Multnomah Books and BloggingforBooks.com to review. This review is my own opinion.