Tim Myers. Murder Checks Inn. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2003.

In Tim Myers’ third novel in his Lighthouse Inn Mystery series, the shocking murder of innkeeper Alex Winston’s uncle Jase is not the only mystery. Jase, a lawyer in the fictional town of Elkton Falls, North Carolina, had been working on the estate of Mathias Trask at the time of his death.  Alex and most of the locals are unfamiliar with Trask or his stuffy family members who have come to Hatteras West Inn as part of his last request. Although it is not a stretch to suspect Trask’s estranged wife and greedy children of being interested in the Mathias’s will, one of them murdering his lawyer is.  As Alex grieves and deals with the odd family, he decides that he must find his uncle’s killer in order to cope. He investigates the people who have come to Hatteras West: the Trask family; Mathias’s secret daughter who has just been announced to the rest of the family; Alex’s distant brother Tony who relied on Jase’s financial help and would have benefited from his inheritance, and a strange drifter who suddenly showed up to help out at the inn. Just as time is starting to run out and Alex’s friends are threatened, Alex discovers the culprit and brings closure to Jase’s death.

Murder Checks Inn is the third novel in Tim Myers’ “Lighthouse Inn Mystery” Series.

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