Tim Myers. A Flicker of Doubt. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2006.

When Harrison Black discovers the corpse of his ex-girlfriend, Becka Lane, in the Gunpowder River, he is overcome with shock and sadness.  Although they were no longer a couple, Harrison and Becka had maintained a strong friendship.  As Harrison and his friend, Markum, look for clues in Becka’s death (the police have ruled it a suicide), the quiet settlement of Micah’s Ridge is rocked by another disturbance.  Greg Runion, a brash real-estate developer, is trying to get landowners to sell him their property so that he can build condominiums and shops.  Harrison and other townspeople are completely against this plan, which would disrupt the tranquility of their village.  When Harrison cannot get in touch with Cyrus Nash, an elderly gentleman who owns a lot of property in Micah’s Ridge, he becomes suspicious of Runion’s intentions.  As Harrison investigates Becka’s death and Cyrus Nash’s strange temperament, he discovers that they are related.  By unearthing their connection, Harrison is able to clear Becka’s name, help his friends, and preserve Micah’s Ridge.

A Flicker of Doubt is Tim Myer’s fourth novel in the “Candlemaking Mystery” series.

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